Tracy Riley Counseling now offering franchises

Jacksonville FL – January 29th, 2018
Tracy Riley is pleased to announce that she has now begun her franchise program for Tracy Riley Counseling Franchises.

Tracy is well known as a leader and mentor in the Counseling industry. Due to the demand of other professionals requesting her help in their own Counseling practices, Tracy decided to begin her franchise program.

According to Tracy “the demand for my time to help other counselors made me realize that there is a need for a group of professional counselors under the same name who can offer superior advice and counseling to those in need”.

Tracy Riley will be providing training and back office scheduling and billing support to franchisees. A comprehensive training and marketing program will be provided to franchisees to help them learn and manage their own counseling practice.
Franchise owners will be able to choose between operating as an independent counselor seeing clients themselves or hiring other professional staff and building a large practice or multiple offices.

For further information: Dan Masters 904-226-6892 or email at