Counseling Services

Online Counseling

Our lives are busier than ever, which means more stress and less time to effectively handle the challenges. Online counseling means there’s no more scrambling to get to the therapist’s office. With no travel time, you have the flexibility of fitting an appointment in your schedule.

You are not limited to using a local therapist. This eliminates the possibility of running into someone you know in the waiting room. Your privacy is 100% assured.

Divorce Care

Divorce is an unfortunate reality for many of today’s families. If you have been through a divorce, or are considering one, the future can seem uncertain. It may be time to determine a path and a direction and to make some big decisions. We can help you find the strength and clarity to make healthy resolutions for yourself.

Individual Counseling

There are many issues that can arise throughout our lives that give us cause for concern. Our licensed clinicians can walk on the journey with you, providing supportive listening, along with showing you the necessary skills to overcome obstacles.

Intensive Counseling

Not everyone has the luxury of time, and cannot wait for relief of symptoms. Weekly therapy sessions are an excellent way to make progress. However, if you want to make progress as quickly as possible, you might consider our intensive counseling sessions. This involves three to six hours of counseling and skills practice on the same day. These intensive sessions can be done in one day or two days, depending on the need.

This allows you to make progress at a much faster rate than a once a week schedule. This also eliminates the scheduling conflict and potential stress of coming to an appointment each week.
Consider this: if you are having conflict or a major problem in your relationship, who wants to wait each week to see a small amount of progress? (This is especially true when there’s been an affair). As a couple, you’ll want to deal with the issues, get some resolution as soon as possible and put it behind you.

How Does Intensive Counseling Work?

Insurance will reimburse for one session per day, and we will submit that to your insurance company for your convenience.

The remaining sessions are $125.00 per hour and will be considered out of pocket costs. This might seem excessive, but compare that to the cost of a divorce attorney or missed time from work to make weekly appointments. Invest in yourself and your relationship today!

Grief Counseling

Grief can come in many forms and everyone grieves. If you have lost a family member, experienced a divorce, had to move, or have military deployment, you will easily understand that loss is a part of life. Grief has a beginning, but no end. The word bereavement means “to be torn apart” and “to have special needs” and “to be robbed”. Can you think of a time that your loss caused you to feel torn apart, needing something special, and feeling robbed?

Grief Counselors receive specialized training. Whether it’s a recent loss, or many years ago, the sadness from saying goodbye can emerge at any time. We are honored to journey with you during these times.


Can hypnosis really help me?   What are the benefits of going to a hypnotherapist? These are some of the most common questions asked when people consider going to see a hypnotherapist.  Some people are understandably a little apprehensive about considering hypnotherapy as a treatment, usually because of misconceptions by what they have seen on the television or in films.  The benefits that come from hypnosis will quickly make you a believer.

Learn the benefits of hypnosis