Tracy Riley

Some people search for a career path, and others take aptitude tests to learn which field bests suits them.  Because of a foster care placement saved her life, Tracy always knew that she had to become the change she wanted to see.  She was no stranger to struggles, even from early childhood.

Tracy obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Auburn University, while 4 months pregnant with her third child.  Six years later, she obtained her Master’s Degree from Florida State University.  Currently, Tracy is in the final stages of her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and expects to finalize that in early 2018.

Initially unsure of where her passions lay, Tracy explored many career paths.  For four years, she taught psychology courses at the University of Phoenix.  She has conducted hundreds of parenting plans, including comprehensive child and family assessments for children placed in foster care.  She been court appointed to provide individual, group and family counseling and has given expert witness testimony in numerous counties in both Georgia and Florida.

In 2008, Tracy ventured out and founded a nonprofit adoption agency, first in Georgia and then expanded to Florida.  She was never in a situation to be adopted, but wanted to help create as many happy and healthy families as possible.   In 2014, after 6 years and just over 40 private adoptions, she handed over the reins and stepped down as Executive Director.

At that time, Tracy expanded her private practice to a large group practice to include psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and other mental health clinicians.

In addition to her business savvy Tracy is a published author, producer of The Relationship Round Up a call in Radio show, during 2013-2014.  She is certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy and uses hypnosis to bring about instant change in her patients.

Tracy also obtained a special certification through Colorado State University in Death and Grief Studies in 2015.

Tracy has now made the decision to share her business knowledge and expertise through franchising her mental health practice throughout the United States and Canada.  Tracy invites you to join her and bring quality mental health services to your town.